About Us

Property Pest Inspection In Sydney – Results Guaranteed

Elite Pest Control
  • Identify pest present
  • Determine Strategies
  • Recognize high risk areas
  • Determine if chemicals are needed
  • Causes for existing problem
  • Solution for a specific problem
  • Recommendation to prevent future problems
  • Every situation is different, different approaches might be needed some or no chemicals would be used for better results.
  • Each visit would consist in monitoring and/or trapping.
Our Goal

Our goal is to have our professional technicians keep your home safe and free of unwanted pests.

Each and every customer has a unique need and we strive to create the most cost efficient along with environmentally balanced solutions for all exterior, perimeter, and interior pest concerns.

Our experienced, highly trained licensed and insured professionals have provided superior service to residence, commercial, government building and home owners associations throughout Sydney using the latest technology, advances in pest detection but most important the elimination and prevention of unwanted pest.